wyre salters

Wyre Salters

Wyre Salters, in collaboration with artist Jessica Mautner, was commissioned by Left Coast as part of Banquet, a celebration of food, communities and arts.

In 2015 we went on a culinary adventure with families in Fleetwood – taking up the challenge of reviving the traditional Wyre industry of sea-salt making and brining, on a micro scale and in a modern and green way.

We made an open call to the residents of Wyre to take part in a project exploring the history of local salt making and making different types of salt for the Banquet events.

During the project the group went to the Lion Salt Works in Cheshire, collected salt from the Wyre and made some pinch pots to use to hold their salt, which was presented at the Banquet.

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Gallery of images of the salt-making process from sea water to presentation at Banquet