Here are a selection of my publications:

Gathering | women of colour on nature - PUBLISHING IN FEBRUARY 2024. “The beautiful rolling hills and coastlines are for all of us. Together, we can reimagine the British countryside (and all it represents) and make space so that everyone is welcomed.” Gathering brings together essays by women of colour across the UK writing about their relationships with nature, in a genre long-dominated
Skear Zines - Skear Zines responds to the writers we work with. It aims to resist homogenisation, and celebrate querenesse. It wants to give space to those voices that might not fit into traditional publishing models, voices that have been sidelined or as yet unheard, voices that have small (yet big) things to say, voices that will sing
Places of Poetry - My poem ‘My Eyes’ is in the anthology – Places of Poetry : Mapping the Nation in Verse, edited by Paul Farley, Andrew McRae Details about the book version and ordering information on Hive Books. You can also explore the poetry map where the poems are pinned to the places they explore.
Soil voicemails and other trans-species calls - This digital poetry piece was commissioned for the ‘Crossed Lines’ project in collaboration with the Science Museum Group project explores trans-species calling: insects leaving ‘voicemail’ messages in the soil for other insects; humans creating computer-generated whistles to telephone dolphins; and the parallel of telephone-tapping to eavesdropping by túngara frogs.
guardian poem of the week - microbial museum Guardian Poem of the week: Microbial Museum - “Finding the poetry in scientific vocabulary, this work is alive to the marvels of its discoveries as well as the ecological peril it reports” Carol Rumens Save
Forward-Book-of-Poetry-2018 Butterfly Orchid highly commended in the Forward Poetry Prize - Very excited to announce that my poem Butterfly Orchid was highly commended in 2017 the Forward Poetry Prizes. The poem is in Forward Book of Poetry 2018, which contains all the poems from the 2017 Forward Prizes for Poetry. The poem is also in my recent pamphlet Fossil, which is available from Peepal Tree Press.
fossil jacket Fossil – poetry book - Fossil explores the impact of human activity on climate change though a post-colonial lens and from the perspective of all life on earth including plants, creatures, elements and inanimate objects. “The poems in Fossil have been waiting millions of years to be born. Maya Chowdhry’s language erupts out of deep time, vital and vivid. This is powerful work.” Robert Minhinnick
Ripple by Maya Chowdhry & Sarah Hymas Ripple shortlisted for the 2015 Dot Award - Fabulous news that our work Ripple, with Sarah Hymas, a triptych of freestanding oversized artist books that use augmented reality, organic objects and poetic text to explore climate change, has been shortlisted for the 2015 Dot Award
The Seamstress and the Global Garment The Seamstress and the Global Garment - “Maya Chowdhry’s voice springs directly from the soul. It is authentic, sensuous and urgent. Although dreamlike, her poems are not vague. They rankle with precision and are fuellled by the collision of colonial and family history. Anger gives way to the generosity of love and the open heart of humour.” Sarah Hymas, Flax “Chowdhry’s poems are uniquely alive to the possibilities of multiple identities, fused mother tongues and the interweaving of myths.” Saradha Soobrayen Chroma Journal
Hallelujah for 50ft Women Hallelujah for 50ft Women: poems about women’s relationship to their bodies - My poem genderality is in the Bloodaxe anthology: Hallelujah for 50ft Women: poems about women’s relationship to their bodies, edited by Raving Beauties. Details about the anthology and ordering information from Bloodaxe.
Ripple - Menier Gallery Ripple - In collaboration with artist and poet Sarah Hymas, a Triptych of freestanding oversized artist books that use augmented reality, organic objects and poetic text to explore climate change. The Installation consists of interactive poetic sculptures that use augmented reality to illuminate anthropogenic climate change. Shortlisted for the 2015 Dot Award.
my eyes by maya chowdhry My Eyes - My poem - 'My Eyes' has been selected for the Poetry Places promotion who have produced this fantastic poster. Outline 2012 marks the 10thanniversary of Time To Read and it has produced a wonderful set of posters and postcards from 12 poets in the region to celebrate this. Time To Read is the NW public libraries network which works to promote reading. It works with 22 Library authorities from Cumbria to Cheshire, Wirral to Blackburn, Manchester to Liverpool.
kahkow_web_poster Kah kow - kahkow_web_posterWinner of the Litfest poster competition. Free download of the poster here
Out of Bounds Out of Bounds: British Black & Asian Poets - BUY the book from Impress From Aberdeen to the Isle of Wight, Out of Bounds is a newly charted map of Britain as viewed by its black and Asian poets. It takes the reader on a riveting, sensory journey through Scotland, England and Wales, showing the whole country from a fresh perspective. This extensive and
Haiku, Litfest Haiku - Haiku was commissioned by Litfest at Flax:028. A collaboration between Litfest poets, Sarah Hymas and Maya Chowdhry. Using words from the poets Maya and Sarah produced a haiku which they grew in cress seeds. Maya produced a stop-motion film of this and it was exhibited at Litfest.
transform-flyer The Tagore Project - Four Trains written by Maya Chowdhry and directed by Alan Lane - scratch performance as part of Transform, West Yorkshire Playhouse.
RED-book-cover Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry - Red is a powerful new anthology of work by Black British poets. In this sense, Red is a different kind of anthology of Black British writing, and the richness of the entries, the moods, the humour, the passion, the reflection, the confessional all confirm that Black British poetry is a lively and defining force in Britain today.
Flax005-cover Fingerprints and Other Traces, Flax 005 - Poetry from Lancashire and Cumbria by Deborah Swift, Martyn Halsall, Mark Carson, Maya Chowdhry and Emma McGordon. Published by Litfest as Flax 005. Sampler available via Issuu Free download via Scribd Although the work sampled here could hardly write more differently from each other, they do have something in common. All engage with surprising and
Kaahini-book-cover Kaahini - Kaahini was commissioned and developed by Red Ladder Theatre Company and toured nationally. It premiered at Bradford Theatre in the Mill, May 1997. The company wanted a play about identity that spoke specifically to young Asian women. The Birmingham Rep re-staged the play in 1998. The play was nominated for Best Children's Theatre by the Writers Guild. It was subsequently toured nationally by Red Ladder Theatre company in 2006 and published by Capercaille Books (2004).
bitch lit Bitch Lit - A refreshing alternative to Chick Lit, Bitch Lit is a smart and subversive celebration of female anti-heroes. These are stories about women who take the law into their own hands, who defy society’s expectations, put their own needs first and don’t feel guilty. They feature heroines who give Lady Macbeth, Medea, and Daphne du Maurier’s
black-is-the-colour Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair - A Play for Radio 4 by Maya Chowdhry, directed by Lu Kemp. Fiona wants to be a mum; the problem is that Mark, her husband, is infertile. Fiona convinces Mark that adopting a child is the answer. But she’s unaware that the support of her bigoted mother in law is a crucial factor in getting approved for adoption.
connections 2003 The Crossing Path - Performed at The National Theatre, 2003 as part of Connections. This fifth anthology of Connections plays is as wide-ranging and eclectic as its predecessors. It features ten works from some of the finest writers of our time. This volume brings you new plays from Philip Ridley, Laura Ruohonen, Jon Fosse, Lucinda Coxon, Connie Congdon, Christopher William Hill, David Farr, Maya Chowdhry, Sarah Daniels and Mark Ravenhill. Published by Faber and Faber (2003).
monsoon by maya chowdhry in six plays Monsoon - For BBC Radio 4, directed by Frances-Ann Solomon, Aurora Metro Press, 1993. Nominated for the BBC Newcomers Award, Prix Futura, Berlin. Winner in BBC Radio Young Playwrights Festival (1991)