Human Sensor workshopMy projects include commissions, residencies and workshops using digital technologies, media arts, Transmedia storytelling and interactive theatre. Below is a selection of my recent projects in collaboration with a variety of theatre companies, artists and artforms. I previously worked as a Digital Artist with Lets Go and 42nd Street and with B Arts on Syn Apps a Transmedia story for George Salter Academy.

Ripple,ripple-chowdhry-hymas a collaboration with poet and artist Sarah Hymas, presents works exploring the fragility of life by examining the impact of climate change on the Indian subcontinent. The Installation consists of interactive poetic sculptures that use augmented reality to illuminate anthropogenic climate change. A ripple in a pond, paper augments, images and sound dance in layers over, through and in the paper. You hold a poem in your hand but it leaps out and dances in your imagination. Exhibited as part of Gaywise Festival 2015, a visual arts exhibition at the Menier Gallery, London.


A Place at the TableA Place at the Table, an immersive theatre work, commissioned by B Arts exploring food and democracy, an experience that mixes music, food and storytelling to ask just who deserves a place at the table, what’s that on their plate, and where on earth has it come from.

Ethical People Movement is a Transmedia work produced as part of ‘Continent Chop Chop’ by Virtual Migrants. Christopher Wilder launches an appeal for Ethical People Movement (EPM), an organisation that has sponsored Virtual Migrants in a funding crisis. Or did they? Using invisible theatre and conveying the story of EPM across web, twitter, youtube and bandcamp this story explores white-saviour complex and asks the audience to look beyond the issues of climate justice, refugees and austerity into their complex connectivity.

Spinach saltWyre Salters, in collaboration with artist Jessica Mautner, was commissioned by Left Coast as part of Banquet, a celebration of food, communities and arts. Last summer we went on a culinary adventure with families in Fleetwood – taking up the challenge of reviving the traditional Wyre industry of sea-salt making and brining, on a micro scale and in a modern and green way.

Story Trail - Tales from the Towpath

Tales from the Towpath is an immersive literature work for Manchester Literature Festival 2014. This Transmedia work features a location based storytrail, micro-projection, origami narrowboat and a live performance on a traditional narrowboat. Inspired by Manchester’s waterways and their ecological fate. It spans the Victorian city to an uncertain future 50 years from now. Three characters circle one another across time, with fragments of their stories found in geocaches (past), live performance (present) and augmented reality Zappar codes (future).


The Salmagundi

The Salmagundi is a B Arts commission to write an interactive story experience for 9-13 year olds, in collaboration with Helen Varley Jamieson (digital media artist), Ruby Soho (designer) and Susan Clarke (artistic director). Working with young people in Stoke-on-Trent we produced an immersive story experience to tour libraries and arts centres 2014-2017 with the aim of encouraging young people to continue their lifelong reading journey.

Poppy with Lets Go Global

A digital art residency with Lets Go Global. Poppy is an ambitious digital arts project exploring a contemporary, conceptual view of the First World War Centenary.

Working with groups across Stockport, and with artist and writer Seni Seniviratne, we explored a range of digital tools for story making, including StopMotion, photography and video. Work was exhibited in an exhibition at Ordshall Hall, Salford and in an app.


Kaahini posterKaahini was commissioned and developed by Red Ladder Theatre Company and toured nationally. It premiered at Bradford Theatre in the Mill, May 1997. The company wanted a play about identity that spoke specifically to young Asian women. The Birmingham Rep re-staged the play in 1998. The play was nominated for Best Children’s Theatre by the Writers Guild. It was subsequently toured nationally by Red Ladder Theatre company in 2006 and published by Capercaille Books (2004).