Here are a selection of my exhibitions:

Fathoming Fungal Frequencies - An interactive sound experience by Maya Chowdhry. Part of MA Show 2023, School of Digital Arts (SODA) Manchester Metropolitan University Fathoming Fungal Frequencies seeks to uncover the existence of a shared language between human and fungi; giving a voice and making visible the mycelium network from which it fruits. By utilising interactive biodata sonification, which requires this inter-being collaboration, the piece hopes to connect human to more-than-human.
Waves - For this interactive sound Installation I wanted to make visible the transformation of Salfords waterways, particularly in relation to climate change. I took as a starting point the paintings hung in the Victorian Gallery at the museum that featured these waterways, and then made a series of field recordings, and imagined soundscapes, in the specific locations, for example Blackfrairs Bridge.
Witness Waters Story Trail - A participatory art project exploring water. Part of 'Etruria Boat Gathering' on 10th and 11th July 2021 The Story Trail will be available until the 31st of July 2021. Location details are on the Etruria Canals Festival website
What’s Eating Paradox - An Installation presented at Castlefield Gallery as part of ‘Obstructions’. Read more about this group exhibition on the Obstructions website.
(In)visible women at Storytelling and the Body Conference, Verona - Very excited that our Installation – (In)visible women: making more visible the woman in the body through audio-stories has been accepted for:  Storytelling & the Body An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Project Monday 15th July 2019 – Tuesday 16th July 2019 Verona, Italy Do come visit us!
footprint modulation Footprint Modulation - An exhibition of art and interventions exploring climate change, global justice and human displacement by Metaceptive. Featuring the work of: SHAHIDUL ALAM : PLATFORM (LONDON) : KOOJ CHUHAN : MAYA CHOWDHRY MAZAHER : TRACEY ZENGENI : APU & MURAD CHOWDHURY : TRANSITION DURHAM DILLER, SCOFIDIO + RENFRO : UK CLIMATE CHANGE & MIGRATION COALITION MIKA
Eye on a Word - An Installation exploring Tagore, presented as part of Manchester Mega Mela [Show slideshow] Further documentation from
Siachen Glacier - An installation exploring retreating glaciers and the fragility of human life on earth. [Show slideshow] Poem exploring the devastation to the land and wildlife by the conflict arising from the disputed territory of the Siachen Glacier, on the border between India and Pakistan.
Ripple - Menier Gallery Ripple - In collaboration with artist and poet Sarah Hymas, a Triptych of freestanding oversized artist books that use augmented reality, organic objects and poetic text to explore climate change. The Installation consists of interactive poetic sculptures that use augmented reality to illuminate anthropogenic climate change. Shortlisted for the 2015 Dot Award.
inside the salmagundi The Salmagundi - A B Arts commission to write an interactive story experience for 9-13 year olds. Working with young people in Stoke-on-Trent to produce an immersive story experience to tour libraries and arts centres 2014-2017 with the aim of encouraging young people to continue their lifelong reading journey.
leftover garden Leftover garden - Part of 3 days without water, a Life Friendly Collective Residency. What if the world was 100% water, how would we grow food? What would we eat? How would we survive? To find out I grew a leftover garden in water with scraps of vegetables from the compost bin of Eighth Day Cafe and plastic water bottles from the bin store of Piccadilly Place.
hand seeds Without Seeds - A Life Friendly Collective residency at The Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester. Inspired by land plants, such as moss, which were abundant on our residential in Kentmere, Maya will be exploring the energy and power contained within seeds and the threat Terminator Seeds pose to life on earth. She will recycle words from Erinma Ochu’s ‘Small
Haiku, Litfest Haiku - Haiku was commissioned by Litfest at Flax:028. A collaboration between Litfest poets, Sarah Hymas and Maya Chowdhry. Using words from the poets Maya and Sarah produced a haiku which they grew in cress seeds. Maya produced a stop-motion film of this and it was exhibited at Litfest.
water is priceless - installation Water is Priceless - An interactive installation exploring the role of water in our lives and the impending water scarcity that will affect parts of our planet in the near future. A hydroponic herb garden, made from upcycled water bottles, triggers animations which tell the stories of water, whilst a barcode scanner triggers a webcam that captures the audience's image and refracts it into a mosaic of images of water.