Menier Gallery


In collaboration with poet and artist Sarah Hymas, a Triptych of freestanding oversized artist books that use augmented reality, organic objects and poetic text to explore climate change. The Installation consists of interactive poetic sculptures that use augmented reality to illuminate anthropogenic climate change. Shortlisted for the 2015 Dot Award. To explore each sculpture in more detail visit the Ripple website

A ripple in a pond, paper augments, images and sound dance in layers over, through and in the paper. You hold a poem in your hand but it leaps out and dances in your imagination.

zap-iconRipple is an Installation that uses augmented reality to convey the worlds of each poem, through imagery, soundscape and animation via Zappar, a free app for smart devices. Download Zappar to try it out.


Scan this Zap with the Zappar app to experience Heritage Carrot

Triptych of poetic sculptures

Hold your phone over the image of Heritage Carrot (Urdu + English)