This is the development blog for my Arts Council Funded project ‘Peas on Earth’, a research and development project investigating the use of augmented reality to produce an immersive live experience. I’m building on and developing my work created via Live Art group Divergency, through investigations with technologists, live artists and potential audiences to create a show that capitalises on the best aspects of performance and technology.

Guardian Poem of the week: Microbial Museum

“Finding the poetry in scientific vocabulary, this work is alive to the marvels of its discoveries as well

Poems from Hyper-Spectacle Studio

I am such a map nerd! Really enjoying my time at the Hyper-Spectacle Studio with the Poetry School:

Compass Festival – Residency

This week I’m in Residence with Compass Festival, Leeds, exploring food justice from a local perspective. I began

Hackcess Reality

This lab explored using VR to create access tool for disabled people with impairments and making VR empathy

Carrots Growing

Carrots growing in the community garden Beans Carrot patch Carrots growing

Butterfly Orchid highly commended in the Forward Poetry Prize

Very excited to announce that my poem Butterfly Orchid was highly commended in 2017 the Forward Poetry Prizes.

Earth | Water | Air | Fire

One of the ideas that emerged from Lab 2 is for the audience to take a photo representing earth, water, air or fire, so that they are involved in the work before the show, and also contribute to the legacy of the project.
Here’s an Instagram gallery of my own earth, water, air and fire photos – to further investigate this and fuel creative ideas on the project.

Peas on Earth | Lab 1

Had a fantastic day working with my two mentors Alex and Niki on ‘Peas on Earth’, Alex with his technical hat on, Niki, performance. We began by thinking about what the show is really about? Food sovereignty?

The 3rd International AR and VR Conference in Manchester

Had a very insightful day at The 3rd International AR and VR Conference in Manchester. I particularly enjoyed Professor Richard Koeck’s presentation: Inhabiting the Image of the City, exploring how digital technologies surround and invade our space both public and private, and his discourse on Spectators or Actors – which resonates with me through my fascination with Augusto Boal’s invisible theatre.