Commonword Digital Literature Commission

My project ‘Heritage Carrot‘ has been awarded a digital literature commission by Commonword, Manchester. I will be collaborating with artist Kooj Chuhan of Metaceptive.

‘Heritage Carrot’ is a site-specific augmented reality (AR) poem which takes place at Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester, and uses the audience’s own smartphone combined with a free AR app, Aurasma, to navigate and view the poem.

Following the commision the photo above shows the final ‘Heritage Carrot’ artwork

The augmented layers will be activated using a marker attached to a plant label and positioned next to the carrot plants, thus the actual plant is augmented via content on the audience’s smartphone. The poem will be explored through a series of audio visual sequences that the audience interact with through the screen of their smartphone.

Rather than a visual interpretation of poetic language, or an illustration of the poem, the experience will take the audience through the layers of the poem, for example, an animated sequence of a seed dispersed through time, transforming in the earth it finds in each new country. The poem will use the metaphor of digging in allowing the audience to both interact with the poem and their surroundings.

Further information about the commissions on Commonword’s website