Ethical People Movement


Christopher Wilder launches an appeal for Ethical People Movement, an organisation that has sponsored art organisation Virtual Migrants in a funding crisis.

Or did they?


Using invisible theatre, and conveying the story of ‘Ethical People Movement’ across web, twitter, YouTube and Bandcamp, this Transmedia narrative explores ‘white-saviour complex’ and asks the audience to look beyond the issues of climate justice, refugees and austerity into their complex connectivity.


The Transmedia story was produced as part of a theatrical production – ‘Continent Chop Chop‘ by Virtual Migrants and toured nationally in 2015

Where does the story begin?

The narrative begins as the audience enter the theatre, they are greeted by a banner for Ethical People Movement, the sponsor of the event and there’s an opportunity to sign a petition against austerity. Maya, one of the virtual migrants members wears an EPM badge.

An appeal by EPM


EPM has insisted that their appeal video is played at the end of the first half. There are heated discussions with Virtual Migrant members during the video, and as it ends an argument errupts between them – no one had checked the content of the video, which arrived today, it appears that politcally and ethically Virtual Migrants does not support the views of EPM.


Is any of this real?

Confused by all of this the audience have been googling EPM during the video and scrolling through their website, twitter feed, even viewing the bandcamp profile for the appeal song. They appeal to be a legitimate charity.

The audience discuss ‘Ethical People Movement’ during the interval and return to the second half of the production. There are questions after the show, questions that no one has the answers for…