A Place at The Table | immersive theatre

In 2015 I worked as chef-performer and writer with B Arts on ‘A Place At The Table’ a site-specific performance exploring food and democracy.

As my performance involved some ‘invisible theatre’ (as well as cooking a lot of pierogi) I might be hard to spot in the documentation!

Here is a gallery from the show (click thumbnails to go to photo viewer)


City streets. Late night. Wet rain on the pavement. Outside the supermarket a masked man stands in a skip tossing yellow-ticket sandwiches to an accomplice. Further down the road families emerge from a church hall clutching carrier bags full of tins of beans and dried spaghetti. But we’re after something to eat. The warmth of a real fire and the glow of the oven.

Welcome to the School of Improbable Cooking. No reservation? We might just squeeze you in. Where’s the kitchen? It’s right here. Can I take your coat? How about this apron? That should fit you. We look forward to working with you on your meal. Yes, this is a restaurant like no other. You’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get involved. You could be doing anything from chopping the veg to making the bread for dinner. Tonight, we all have to earn our place at the table.

A Place at the Table

A Place At The Table is a new immersive theatre show and meal from B Arts. Do book a table as the evening sitting begins at 7:30pm sharp. Dinner is just a little later. Join us for an experience that mixes music, food and storytelling to ask just who deserves a place at the table, what’s that on their plate, and where on earth has it come from.

Presented by B Arts in association with the 2015 British Ceramics Biennial. Mon 2 – Sat 7 November 2015, 7:30pm at the British Ceramics Biennial