Tales from the Towpath

Story Trail - Tales from the Towpath

Story Trail – Tales from the Towpath

An immersive work for Manchester Literature Festival 2014. This Transmedia production features a location based storytrail, micro-projection, origami narrowboat and a live performance on a traditional narrowboat.

Explore hidden, lost and imagined lives of Manchester with a story that runs across rivers Irwell and Medlock, the Rochdale and Bridgewater canals, linking them to iconic Manchester venues – The Royal Exchange and Midland Hotel.


Augmented reality, Bridgewater Basin


New mythologies are created and, whether you believe them or not, thrive. Lives intersect like flotsam, like the past that washes up again and again. Two futures are possible: where water is at risk and the world turns upside down, or one where nature proves her power.

Here is an online version of the story trail (adapted from the story trail in Manchester)

Shortlisted for the 2014 New Media Writing Prize

Project website: www.talesfromthetowpath.net


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