peas on earth - phone and tableI am a Transmedia writer, poet and inTer-aCtive artist making interactive theatre and site-specific Installation primarily focussing on immersive work.

My current work explores the juxtaposition and conflicts of new technologies with the ‘natural world’, utilising film, animation, photography, text, augmented reality and the Web. I am interested in the application of social permaculture in my practice to interrogate the areas of food sovereignty, world water scarcity and climate justice.

My work has been exhibited in public gardens, canals, theatres, galleries and on television. My writing has been published, staged and broadcast widely including the National Theatre and BBC Radio 4.


I have worked as an artist and writer with a range of organisations, such as Lets Go Global, B Arts and Northern Ballet Theatre, and with a wide range of participants, from those with little experience of the arts and creative writing, to those aspiring to become artists and writers. My projects and residencies include a diverse range of groups, including women’s groups and Black/Asian groups.

My socially engaged work as an artist includes working as Digital Artist with an LBGTQ group of young people at 42nd Street, in partnership with Lets Go, on a 3 year CIN project to make a digital tool that combats loneliness and isolation and on Transmedia project with George Salter Academy, Sandwell. Further details of residencies and workshops on this page, and gallery of projects below.

Recent commissions, performances, exhibitions, publications and residencies

the seventh door maya chowdhry and sarah hymas

Zappar - Heritage Carrot

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footprint modulation

Spinach salt

Story Trail - Tales from the Towpath


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hand seeds