Leftover garden

raddishPart of 3 days without water, a Life Friendly Collective Residency.

What if the world was 100% water, how would we grow food?

What would we eat?

How would we survive?

To find out I grew a leftover garden in water with scraps of vegetables from the compost bin of Eighth Day Cafe and plastic water bottles from the bin store of Piccadilly Place.

Leftover Garden, 3 days without water presented by The Life Friendly Collective, at 3 Piccadilly Place.



Water is Priceless

An interactive Installation exploring the role of water in our lives and the impending water scarcity that will affect parts of our planet in the near future.

A hydroponic herb garden, made from upcycled water bottles, triggers animations which tell the stories of water, whilst a barcode scanner triggers a webcam that captures the audience’s image and refracts it into a mosaic of images of water.

Gallery of images of Installation at Contact, Manchester.