climate change

Galvanising Change

Galvanising Change is an experiential audio Installation examining climate change, for one audience member at a time. It uses a wearable sensor to measure their galvanic skin responses whilst they are listening to climate justice stories – which are triggered according to the audience’s emotions.

If you would like to experience a digital version of Galvanising Change go to:

The Installation was presented at, and live streamed from, Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester on 4th May 2021 at 19:00 BST.

While watching the live stream below you will be asked to visit the Roundme link (above) to experience the digital version. When you click the link at the end of the RoundMe you’ll need to fast forward the video to 33 minutes to continue watching.

This Installation was developed during the Net//Work Residency with Digital Art Studios and The British Council. For more information on the residency visit the residency website