Peas on Earth

A research and development project investigating the use of augmented reality to produce an immersive live experience. Building on and developing my work created via the Live Art group Divergency, and through investigations with technologists, live artists and potential audiences I am creating a show that capitalises on the best aspects of performance and technology.


An augmented reality app allows audiences to curate their own experience.

The domestication of the pea took place 11,000 years ago in the Near East. Which East is near depends on whether you called the wind ‘trade-winds’ or ‘hava’ (hindi for wind). Using the humble pea as a symbol of our relationship to food, a portion of poetry and a pair of gardening gloves, Peas on Earth is a table-top of interactive theatre that gently augments our reality to allow us to experience the politics of eating, growing and sustaining ourselves.

Work-in-development presented as part of Emergency Live Art Festival, Z Arts, 2016