My projects include commissions, residencies and workshops using digital technologies, media arts, Transmedia storytelling and interactive theatre. Below is a selection of my recent work in collaboration with a variety of theatre companies, artists and artforms. I am currently working with Divergency on ‘Peas on Earth’, as a Digital Artist with 42nd Street on ‘Q42’ with B Arts on ‘PLAY’

Galvanising Change

Galvanising Change is an experiential audio Installation examining climate change, for one audience member at a time. It uses a wearable sensor to measure their galvanic skin responses whilst they are listening to climate justice stories – which are triggered according to the audience’s emotions.

Peas on Earth

A research and development project investigating the use of augmented reality to produce an immersive live experience. Building on and developing my work created via Divergency, through investigations with technologists, live artists and potential audiences to create a show that capitalises on the best aspects of performance and technology.

Q42 – LGBTQ+ Project for Young People

I am currently working with 42nd Street as a Digital Artist on Q42, a LGBTQ+ digital project for 13-18 year olds across Greater Manchester. We are working with leading artists and movers and shakers from the creative media sector to co-design and produce a new digital platform to connect and build an innovative online network. Q42 will be created by LGBTQ+ young people for LGBTQ+ young people, to develop online and offline friendships, explore and develop creative ideas and to challenge any isolation and loneliness felt within our community.

Wyre Salters

Wyre Salters, in collaboration with artist Jessica Mautner, was commissioned by Left Coast as part of Banquet, a celebration of food, communities and arts. Last summer we went on a culinary adventure with families in Fleetwood – taking up the challenge of reviving the traditional Wyre industry of sea-salt making and brining, on a micro scale and in a modern and green way.

Plays and writing projects for young people

For information about my plays for young people, scripts and projects please go to my blog: Save

Tearing Stuff Apart

A participatory arts project in collaboration with artist Àgata Alcañiz we worked with a range of scientists to

Visioning Day for Writers

Myself and Sarah Hymas led a visioning day on Morecambe Bay in February 2015, drawing on the expanse of

Ethical People Movement

Transmedia story produced as part of ‘Continent Chop Chop’ by Virtual Migrants, a story told through poetry, music and digital-media connecting legacies of inequality to climate change.
Using invisible theatre, and conveying the story of Ethical People Movement across web, twitter, YouTube and Bandcamp, this story explores ‘white-saviour complex’ and asks the audience to look beyond the issues of climate justice, refugees and austerity into their complex connectivity.

The Poppy Project

A digital art residency with Lets Go Global. Poppy is an ambitious digital arts project exploring a contemporary, conceptual view of the First World War Centenary. It is happening in libraries across Trafford, Stockport, Manchester and Salford with local communities. Working with groups across Stockport, and with artist and writer Seni Seniviratne, we explored a range of digital tools for story making, including StopMotion, photography and video. Work was exhibited in an exhibition at Ordshall Hall, Salford and in an app.

Residencies and Workshops

I have worked as a writer and artist with a range of organisations such as B Arts, Northern Ballet Theatre, Lets Go, The Arvon Foundation and Contact (young people’s theatre) and with a range of participants, from those with little experience of the arts and creative writing, to those aspiring to become writers and artists. My projects and residencies include a diverse range of groups, including women’s groups, Asian and youth groups.