Galvanising Change

Galvanising Change is an experiential audio Installation examining climate change, for one audience member at a time. It uses a wearable sensor to measure their galvanic skin responses whilst they are listening to climate justice stories – which are triggered according to the audience’s emotions.

What’s Eating Paradox

An Installation presented at Castlefield Gallery as part of ‘Obstructions’. Read more about this group exhibition on the

Seeds on Earth

This live art piece asks you to plant seeds: to counter climate change; bioremediate for soil pollution; and

(In)visible women at Storytelling and the Body Conference, Verona

Very excited that our Installation – (In)visible women: making more visible the woman in the body through audio-stories has

Footprint Modulation

An exhibition of art and interventions exploring climate change, global justice and human displacement by Metaceptive. Featuring the

‘Chamada From Chico Mendes’

Poetry from my forthcoming chapbook Fossil has been featured in ‘Chamada From Chico Mendes’ digital carnival installation connects

Eye on a Word

An Installation exploring Tagore, presented as part of Manchester Mega Mela [Show slideshow] Further documentation from

Siachen Glacier

An installation exploring retreating glaciers and the fragility of human life on earth. [Show slideshow] Poem exploring the

The Salmagundi – Stoke Library

The Salmagundi crash lands in Stoke-on-Trent library all next week for half-term! The Salmagundi crash lands at Stoke-on-Trent